frequently asked questions

quick answers to the most common questions
What is Bida?
Bida is the best way to discover the best rated bars and restaurants the locals are going to, and feel like a VIP anywhere you go! Bida provides you with a curated selection of 4-star+ venues all over Barcelona. We've got everything from sleek wine bars, to trendy craft beer halls, to artisanal cocktail bars run by the city's best mixologists. As an option, you can decide to get a drink pass and receive 1 FREE DRINK EVERY 3 HOURS at any one of our partner bars and restaurants. Enjoy a pint at lunch, some wine at dinner, a mind-blowing cocktail before heading dancing, and more! Drinking establishments love Bida because it brings new customers through their doors, follow on sales (Bida members are encouraged to stay and order additional drinks/food), and in-depth analytics.
How does it work?
The Bida app is free to download and use. You can browse through a selection of Barcelona's best bars and restaurants for free. Venue listings include photos, information, and the selection of drinks offered to Bida members. Bida members receive 1 FREE drink every 3 hours at any venue of your choice.
How do I claim a drink?
To claim a drink, you just need to show up at any of our partner bars (we indicate whether the bar is open or closed but we recommend calling the bar in case you’re going near closing hours for example). Once there, select the drink you’d like on the app, and show the appropriate screen to your bartender or waiter. You have 3 minutes to make the order. Once you receive your drink, you can leave a review for the drink and for the venue. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your complimentary beverage!
So I can go from bar to bar claiming free drinks all day?
Pretty much… Bida allows you 1 FREE drink every 3 hours at your choice of any of our partner venues. Once you claim a drink on Bida, a 3-hour countdown will appear, letting you know how much time you have left till you can claim your next drink. We definitely encourage you to stick around the venue after claiming your free drink, to try out other drinks or taste some of the food on their menu – all of our partner venues have great offerings you don’t want to miss!
What kind of bars are on the app?
We only partner with Barcelona’s best bars and restaurants. All of our venues have an average of at least 4-stars on TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Google reviews, and we carefully select each venue to make sure it has the right look and feel for our members. Some things we look out for are great drinks (of course!), good food, a nice ambiance, and good service. Our goal is that Bida members can trust the bars on the app -- that means you don't have to google them to see if they're good, 'cuz they are!
Do I have to order a second drink (or something else)?
While most venues have a minimum consumption requirement, members are not required to order anything else at some establishments -- however it is highly recommended! Our venues depend on follow-on purchases for this app to make sense for them. If everyone just had a drink and left, our app would cease to exist. So be a good citizen and order some more drinks or food. Ahhh, tough life ;-).
How does the minimum consumption work?
At some venues a minimum consumption may be required. This means that before receiving a free drink through the app, you must spend at least the value of the drink. For example, if the waiter says the drink you want to claim for free is worth 8 euros, you must first spend at least 8 euros. The 8 euros can be spent on ANYTHING on the menu (for example, food).