Cookies Policy
Bida Application, S.L.

This website uses cookies from Bida and third parties to enable the page to work correctly, obtain information about traffic or record actions and preferences of users from past visits to the site. These cookies are kept while you are browsing the site, as well as more permanently.
What are cookies?
A cookie is a file that downloads onto your computer or terminal when you access our webpage. Cookies allow us, among other things, to store and collect information about users habits (or those of your computer equipment) when navigating the page. Depending on the information that they contain, and the way that your computer equipment uses them, they may be used to recognise the user.

The cookies used by, or the third parties that act in Bida's name, only link with a user and the user's computer anonymously. We do not store sensitive information like personal identification or your address, password, your credit or debit card details with the cookies that we use.
Purpose of cookies
Thanks to cookies, it's possible for 's server and the third party servers who act in Bida's name to recognise the computer browser last used by the user This makes navigation more simple and allows, for example, users who have previously told us that they are over 18 years old to access the site without having to resubmit their age each time they enter the site. It is also used to measure the audience size and the parameters of the traffic, to control the growth and number of entrants.

Equally, 's web server can automatically detect the IP address and the domain name used by the user. All of this information is registered in an activity file in the server which allows the processing of data, with the aim of obtaining figures which allow us to know the number of impressions on our webpage, the number of visits made to the web server etc. In all of the aforementioned cases, the file is put through processes of dissasociation which stops the user's computer being identified.
Types of cookies
Our web page uses cookies and those of third parties, with different purposes, in particular:

• Our own cookies: They are the cookies that we send to your computer or terminal from our web page. We use them to be able to manage the users web sessions and to remember that they have already confirmed they are over 18 years old.

• Third party cookies: They are the cookies that are sent to your computer or terminal from a domain or web page which is not managed by us, but by another entity who deals with the data obtained through those cookies.

• Session cookies: They are a type of cookie designed to seek and store data whilst you are using our web page.

• Lasting cookies: They are a type of cookies where data continues being stored in the tercian and they can be accessed and dealt with during a set time period, y these time periods can be from minutes up to some years.

• We use Google Analytics with the purpose of collecting information in an anonymous way and running reports about trends on our web page without identifying individual users. Due to this, our website records information that changes the aspect or the behaviour of the site, like, for example, your preferred language or the region where you live. The provider of this cookie is Google.

• We use Google AdWords with the purpose of collecting information in an anonymous way and putting together reports about the visitors that arrive at our site through publicity facilitated by Google AdWords, without identifying any individual users. Due to this, our website sends information to Google to create reports about the marketing campaigns we have launched. The cookie provider is Google.
We inform you that we can use cookies on your equipment whenever you have previously given your consent, except under the assumption that the cookies are necessary to navigate the webpage.

To that effect, we indicate that the use of different cookies by our webpage allows us to distinguish you from other users, bringing you a better experience when using the site and allowing us to identify problems and improve our webpage. In the case that you give consent, we will use cookies that allow us to keep more information about your preferences.

In the same way, we inform you that, given the cookies are not necessary to use our web page, you can block them or disable them through your browser configuration. If you block or disable them, you can continue using our webpage, although some of the services will be limited and your experience of using the webpage will be less pleasant.

If you want to revoke your consent in respect to our cookie policy, you must delete them from your device using your browser configuration. These are the different links for the different browsers to inform you about cookies:

• For more information about the Firefox browser aquí.
• For more information about Chrome browser aquí
• For more information about Explorer browser aquí
• For more information about Safari browser aquí
• For more information about Opera browser aquí.

We recommend that you review this policy every time that you access our Platform so that you are adequately informed about posible changes to the policy.